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Property, Property and Real Estate Law

K&P Legal, property on movable and immovable properties, purchase and sale of movable and immovable properties, preliminary sales contracts, establishment and removal of mortgages, pledges, easements and all other rights on movable and immovable properties, annotation to the relevant registers, evacuation of immovables, construction in return for flat. Contracts, zoning plan changes, creation of a zoning island, preparation of lease contracts and all kinds of disputes arising from lease contracts, title deed cancellation lawsuits due to land registry, cadastre, pledge, usufruct, easement, mortgage and collusion, action for prevention of seizure, cancellation and registration of title deeds, It provides legal services in the fields of property, property and real estate law, including pre-emption lawsuit, right of way lawsuit, ecrimisil lawsuit, price increase lawsuit, dissolution of partnership (dissolution) lawsuits, compliance with zoning legislation, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, development of management plans and arrangement of lease agreements. .