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Mergers and Acquisitions Law

K&P Legal; provides legal consultancy services in mergers and acquisitions to companies operating in many different sectors, nationally and internationally, and undertakes merger and acquisition processes and transactions personally.

A merger is when two or more companies become a single company and the shareholders of one of the companies are given the shares of the new company in exchange for their shares. Acquisition is when one company buys a majority of the shares of another company. The terms mergers and acquisitions (Mergers and Acquisitions, M&A) are used together in the literature.

Mergers and acquisitions, the desire of companies to gain a greater wealth and economic power, the desire to grow faster, the desire to create a synergy effect with similar companies, the desire to diversify activities and products, to provide more funds, to protect them from the negative effects of increasing competition as a result of globalization. It arises with the desire to have quality personnel or technology or valuable industrial rights. In the globalizing world, millions of dollars of purchases are made every year.

The number of Law Firms working in the field of M&A is also very limited, as it is a field that requires a very detailed and long-term study, and a wide and deep knowledge of law, including financial law and financial law, as well as many different branches of law.

K&P Legal provides legal consultancy services to its clients with domestic and foreign capital in merger and acquisition transactions, covering areas such as privatization, competition law, private equity companies, financing and real estate.

Our Law Office is responsible for the preparation of legal due diligence reports regarding mergers and acquisitions, the preparation of the decisions of the company management and decision bodies, the preparation, examination and negotiation of partnership agreements, the purchase of shares, the obtaining of necessary licenses and permits, the closing procedures and the finalization of the process. It provides turnkey services in venture projects and company division issues. For this purpose, it makes necessary applications to the Competition Authority, Capital Markets Board, Privatization Administration, Ministry of Industry and Technology and similar relevant public institutions and organizations and carries out the transactions.

To have made very important contributions to our country by contributing to the strengthening of the Turkish Industry with the very important projects we have carried out in this field, to the investments of many international companies, each of which is a world giant in its field, in Turkey, and to the acquisition of many Turkish companies abroad. It is among the most important sources of pride for our law firm. (You can apply to our law firm for the reference list of our M&A projects)