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Corporate Law

K&P Legal; project-based studies of companies, ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings and board of directors decisions, main contract revisions, head office transfer, opening branches, regulation of signatory powers and appointment of signatories, company mergers and acquisitions, company type change, public offering of companies and contract It provides a wide range of legal support to companies, especially in the execution of negotiations.

Establishment of ordinary, limited partnership, limited and joint stock companies, issuance of capital market instruments, all kinds of contracts that may arise during the activities of the company (purchase, sale, rental, dealership, license, etc.), renting, purchasing, renting out the places where the company operates. Negotiations regarding the sale and sale of the company, follow-up of transactions and creation of contracts, business and transactions of companies regarding their employees, relations of companies with official institutions and organizations, relations of companies with suppliers and dealers, execution of all contract negotiations that may arise during the relations of companies with third parties, dealing with disputes that may arise. Legal consultancy and advocacy services are provided in every field and subject that a trading company may need in its daily functioning, such as settlement of agreements, lawsuits or arbitration. All kinds of legal changes made in the field of company law are followed, and client companies are systematically and continuously informed about the newly enacted and amended legislation.

If a share purchase decision is made, all documents and contracts that may be required in the process, such as confidentiality agreements, share purchase and sale agreements, capital increase and decrease transactions, general assembly and board of directors decisions, are prepared by our office. is concluded in a way.