Online Payment

Service Fees

We, always want to give to our clients as much clarity and certainty on our pricing proposal as we can, and also aim to meet your expectations. 

Please note that our fees will also be subject to the assumptions in each project depending on the particulars.

Disbursements generally include, but are not limited to, such items as long distance telephone charges, outgoing fax charges, postage, delivery charges, reproduction costs, secretarial overtime, filing fees, court charges, expert or witness fees and travel expenses. When large disbursements are anticipated or bills for them received, we may ask our clients to advance funds to cover them or to pay them directly. We bill monthly; payment is due upon receipt of our statement.

Option 1:   Flat rates

We can provide a flat fee on the monthly bases for the continuous legal services or for any specific project or for all kinds of legal advises following a request received from the Client..

In this option, Client pays a flat fee per month as a legal consultancy fee to the Attorney without any time limit and calculation, in return of the services within the context of the retainer agreement. This amount determines by the parties, according to the legal services which client needs and together with the value according to the Bar Association’s minimum attorney-ship fee tariff.

In this option, outside from the scope of the consultancy service, the fees for the litigation and execution proceedings shall be paid by means of making out self-employment invoice having the value of being compatible with the minimum wage set by the Bar Association according to the Bar Association’s minimum attorney-ship fee tariff.

Option 2:   Hourly rates

We also provide our services based on our standard hourly rates, if the potential client company desires.

If you need a law firm with a good reputation having wide working area in Turkey, K&P Legal is one of the best options you may have. We promise you to ensure the absolute customer satisfaction by working us.   If you would like to work with us we are ready to submit our letter of proposal according to your company’s needs.