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Contract Law

In its simplest definition, a contract is a transaction that takes place with the mutual and appropriate will of two or more persons or organizations in order to produce a legal result. But the truth of the matter is that the contract is the determination of the legal infrastructure of a commercial relationship in writing. A good contract minimizes commercial risks as much as possible, while a bad contract is a cause of regret for the injured party, which makes them say they never made a contract. In short, contracts are indispensable in business life.

Everyone makes a contract, but making a good contract is the pinnacle of law, it is the art of law. K&P Legal Lawyers, who are fluent in both Turkish and English legal language, do their best to create perfect contracts with this awareness and strive for this.

Our Law Office is aware of the fact that the law of contracts plays a very important role in helping our clients create their own law within the framework of mandatory provisions and prevent possible legal problems before they occur; With its expert staff, it provides services in the field of contract law in various languages in national and international platforms.

K&P Legal, in principle, prioritizes preventive law practices in the services it provides to its clients, and in this context, it creates contracts that are dealt with in a wide framework in terms of various branches of law, that are practical, comprehensive and arranged in detail, and that protect the interests of the parties fairly.

Goods and service purchase and sale contracts, supply contracts, consultancy contracts, media contracts, distributorship contracts, franchising contracts, transport contracts specially prepared as a result of detailed and comprehensive research on all sectors and fields that all commercial law persons, especially Joint Stock and Limited Companies, need. , current account agreements, financial consultancy agreements, confidentiality agreements, company articles of association, amendments to articles of association, employment agreements, lease agreements, barter agreements, advertising agreements, construction agreements, bank loan agreements, IT agreements, freight agreements, work agreements, long-term Financial leasing agreements, share transfer agreements, license agreements, peace and release protocols, memorandum of understanding, letters of intent similar to letter of intent, a wide variety of contracts of energy and similar nature, detailed research on related sectors n It is prepared by our expert lawyer staff.