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K&P Legal also provides continuous employment law consultancy services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the “Labor Law Emergency Service”, which it has created in the office with a very experienced special team in the field of Labor Law, which has become indispensable for companies today.

Since it is one of the most stressful areas for companies, in this area where timing and speed are very important, all your questions and problems required by individual and collective labor law and occupational health and safety legislation from A to Z are resolved from a single source and in the fastest way.

For example ;

• Solving daily one-to-one legal problems, interfering with daily problems in business relations, providing legal support in order to resolve the dispute in favor of the Employer without resorting to the judiciary,

• Consulting on Labor Law, Occupational Health and Safety legislation, Social Security Legislation, Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining Agreement Legislation and all kinds of legislation concerning business life related to Industrial Relations,

• Preparation of all kinds of infrastructure on the basis of documents for works and transactions that carry legal risk and the possibility of litigation in daily operation,

• Arranging all kinds of minutes, defense request forms, warnings, termination notices, mutual rescission agreements, a copy of the acquittal, etc.

• Supervision of compliance with labor legislation of general workplace practices such as hiring and firing procedures, leave procedures, overtime procedures, wage and advance payment procedures, disciplinary procedure,

• Annual leave forms, annual leave tracking card, job description forms, job change form, embezzlement report, information forms (occupational accident etc.), orientation form, leave request and leave form and all kinds of documents in use, workplace personnel files. joint inspection and improvement,

• Examining your company’s current employment contracts and ensuring that these contracts are revised when necessary within the framework of current regulations and Supreme Court case law,

• Ensuring that the provisions accepted by the Supreme Court are added to all ready documents used in the workplace, when necessary, taking into account the requirements of the job and the weakness in practice,

• Arranging contracts with sub-employers (subcontractors), if any, with which the company does business as the main employer,

• Reviewing, reorganizing and projecting all documents used in your company’s Human Resources department one by one and performing all kinds of audits on all Labor Laws, Regulations and other related legislation, especially the Labor Law and Social Security Law.

• Arrangement of workplace internal regulations and disciplinary regulations, if available in the workplace,

• Informing about the legal obligations of private sector workplaces employing fifty or more workers (obligations based on disability employment, occupational health and safety provisions) and inspecting the legality of the implementation,

• It is a continuous consultancy service on almost every subject you can think of, including Labor Law and Occupational Health and Safety Law.

• Providing free Labor Law Training to Senior Managers, Regional Managers, Department Managers and Human Resources Department employees, if needed,

• Lawsuits for reemployment, compensation, determination and lawsuits arising from possible work accidents or occupational diseases, etc., filed before the Labor Courts. Following and concluding all kinds of lawsuits arising from working life.

Conducting mediation negotiations