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We discussed one of the most discussed topics of the last period, “Private Employment Offices and Temporary Employment Relationship”.

Private employment agencies and temporary employment relationship  It has been discussed for a long time among social partners.  IEmployees especially with the thoughts that it will cause loss of rights in terms of job security and collective rights. It is seen that the majority of the population has a negative attitude towards this type of work.  Despite this, the intense competition environment, the economic crises that occur from time to time, and the problems arising from the pandemic period inevitably employers in employee employment to flexible models.  With the legal regulations made at the point reached today, businesses have quickly adopted this flexible working model, and temporary workers have been employed directly or through private employment offices.  on the one hand, labor costs while looking for ways to reduce it, on the other hand, it cures unemployment,  but above all, it can provide serious benefits by eliminating the need for temporary personnel, which is intensely needed.  Legal details and legal limitations of the subject You can reach this study, in which we try to reveal the legal framework, in the articles section of our website. 

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