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Associate Attorney

He was born in 1953 in Çanakkale. He graduated from Izmir Atatürk High School and Istanbul University Faculty of Law (1978).

He completed his internship in İzmir as a candidate for judge in 1979, and then served as the Chief Prosecutor in various provinces of Turkey. Bolu Judge in 1993, President of Yalova Heavy Penal Court in 1996, President of İzmir Karşıyaka Heavy Penal Court in 2000, İzmir 6th Criminal Court in 2005. President of the High Criminal Court and in 2006, Istanbul Kadıköy 3rd. He served as the President of the High Criminal Court. He retired in 2008 voluntarily and worked as a lawyer registered with the Istanbul Bar Association until 2012, after which he was registered with the Izmir Bar Association.

During his tenure, he participated in various panels and seminars on Courts of Appeal Abroad and on the subject of his duty and received various certificates. He is an expert in Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law.

He has been working actively in the field of criminal law for over 35 years. He manages the Criminal Law Department in our Law Firm.