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Our Review Article on the Guidelines on Commercial Advertising and Unfair Commercial Practices by Social Media Influencers has been Published.

“Commercial Advertisement by Social Media Influencers and Adopted by Social Media Influencers as a principle decision at the meeting of the Board of Advertisement dated May 4, 2021, to constitute the basis for the investigations carried out on commercial advertisements and unfair commercial practices made by social media influencers based on the Law on the Protection of Consumers”. The Guide on Unfair Commercial Practices has been published.

In its statement, the Ministry announced that with the said guide, it aims to guide all persons, institutions and organizations that advertise commercial advertisements and applications made by social media influencers, advertising agencies, media organizations and advertising. We are faced with the fact that covert advertisements occupy a very serious place in social media. based on this guide We have prepared a review. We wish you pleasant reading.

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