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Our Article On Deleting And Removing The Lying, Fake Or Injuring Personal Rights Published On The Internet Has Published

While social media provides instant, fast and unmediated access to news, it also brings with it the risk of exaggerated news, false news that feels real, fake news, intentional or unintentional false information, erroneous information and information pollution, depending on user attitudes and behaviors. On the other hand, the speed of dissemination and the volume of reach of the content or news circulating on social networks is also incredibly fast. While social networks provide access to instant, fast and economical news and information, facilitating the production and circulation of news, leading to a numerical explosion, on the other hand, content values have decreased and social networks’ hosting fake news has become widespread due to some malicious users who take advantage of the speed feature. What can a person do when faced with such news in such an environment? In our newly published article, we discussed how and in what way victims whose personal rights were attacked within the scope of ” Law No. 5651 on Regulating Broadcasts on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed Through These Broadcasts” can remove these news stories and apply. You can find it in the articles section of our website. We wish you pleasant reading.

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