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How is the Severance Pay Calculated in the Termination of the Second Employment Contract after Retirement in a way that entitles it to Severance Pay?

In our country, young retirees or those who prefer to work after retirement are in the majority. A staff member who continues to work in the same workplace after using his/her retirement right and receiving compensation. We see that the question of how to calculate the legal rights and compensations to be paid to them when the employment contract ends again in a way that entitles them to severance pay after a while while they are working, causes quite a confusion in practice. In this second working period, working conditions, wages, annual leaves etc. How will it be evaluated? In other words, if the second employment contract, established after retirement, is terminated in a way that entitles to severance pay, how will the period based on compensation be calculated? This time we have addressed this issue. You can find our article in the articles section of our website.

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