Protective Legal Consultancy is the main principle of our Law Firm to be rendered for our Clients ending up with an ongoing and observable increase in efficiency at business level. Every consultation presents unique demands. Indeed, we work as part of your team to anticipate and meet the challenges you may face. We will work closely with you to understand your business, your objectives and your approach to the deal.

Our goal is to find commercially sound solutions to help you and your business partners to achieve your objectives. Our legal consultancy services include legal Audits and Due Diligence facilities allowing our Clients’ to operate in a sound legal way and minimizing any potential legal disputes and any kind of consultancy services on demand basis. With this study, our aim is to help you keep on top of the risks and opportunities arising from changes in the law, we track and anticipate the latest legislative proposals in the jurisdictions that are important to your business.

We aim to establish a reliable legal background in your company in order to minimize the number of legal disputes and to protect the benefits of our Clients to a maximum level.

We regularly counsel Clients regarding on-going compliance with relevant banking laws and regulations in all the major financial centers, including helping them develop, refine and harmonize their internal policies and procedures, address other compliance and governance issues, and guide them through any turmoil their business encounter.

We provide contributions and arrangements pursuant to the operation style and legal benefits of the company within the scope of Commercial Law, Corporation Law, Debt Collection Procedures, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law.

Furthermore, upon request, we act as an intermediary for the arrangement of general regulations, we perform arbitration and act as an intermediary in possible disputes that may arise among the partners.

K&P Legal regularly advises Clients on both their daily operations and on their most vital strategic projects, covering corporate structures, M&A, establishing new business ventures including JVs or agency networks, commercial contracts, outsourcing, reinsurance structures, reinsurance and insurance disputes, capital raising, regulatory matters, investigations and enforcementprocedures, investment portfolios including real estate, commercial lending, derivatives, alternative risk transfer mechanisms, restructuring, portfolio transfers, run-off and insolvency.

Corporate Law

On the level of the corporate governance, we are preparing and participating in the ordinary and extraordinary general meetings of shareholders as well as the meetings of the board of directors with a special agenda upon request. In addition, we ensure the drafting and the negotiation of the agreements along with providing our assistance during the different levels of the execution of contracts concluded with both nationals and foreign partners. We are dealing with the implementation of the legal structure on the level of:

Domestic sales and distribution channels (preparation, execution and inspection of dealerships, secondary dealerships, regional dealership term sales agreements)
Foreign sales and distribution channels (preparation of documents related to export, examination of agreements and presentation of legal comments).
Purchasing from domestic and foreign markets (preparation and execution of purchasing agreements, purchase orders and proposal forms). We are keeping our Clients’ departments informed and up-dated about applicable regulations and are able to hold seminars with the manpower of your company giving essential legal information in order for them to always be able to operate in a sound Legal way.
Our team is always ready to assist you preparing official correspondences and documents, and provide you with written comments and reports on matters requested by the Client.

We are keeping our Clients’ departments informed and up-dated about applicable regulations and are able to hold seminars with the manpower of your company giving essential legal information in order for them to always be able to operate in a sound Legal way.

Banking and Finance

Our priority has always been in providing the best advices to our clients to help them to develop new structures and approaches to ever changing market conditions.

Our team provides advice in relation to the full spectrum of financial products including acquisition finance and mergers, asset finance, derivative products, project finance, financial regulatory, insolvency & restructuring and structured finance.

Our Firm provides a complete service covering the entire financing needs of clients - from large complex financings to small simple loans. We regularly counsel our clients regarding on-going compliance with relevant banking laws and regulations and guide them through any turmoil their business may encounter.

Where cross-border advice is required, we have a proven teams of lawyers able to address situations effectively with commercial pragmatism and an innovative approach and ability to structure finance solutions.

International Legal Services and Cross-Practice Services

Our multilingual team is able to work on texts prepared in Turkish and foreign languages and we provide International legal services and ensure an effective and cost saving legal services shall be provided abroad through selected foreign law offices which our Firm acts in cooperation with. We are also providing our services for the recognition and the enforcement of Foreign Courts’ decisions.

Labor Law and Industrial Relations Consultancy

Our Services include also Labor Law and Industrial Relations Consultancy Services applied on Client Company basis including performing a legal review and improvement of each administrative document used at the level of the Human Resources Departments, and more globally to the Project management in compliance with the general applications on Labor law practices.

Our services include as well the legal inspections of all kinds of applications and documents required on the level of Human Resources practices and the Trade Union activities related with the Client’s company and the various interactions between these organizations.

Our services include the arrangement of the legal situation of employees (Preparation and practicing of service contracts, labor assurance documents, warehouse and vehicle charging contracts and other documents relating to human resources). Any other required legal action to be taken, in HR department.

Our Firm deals with issues related to Trade Union Law and Collective Bargaining and Collective Labor Contracts:

Furthermore, we provide assistance to the settlement of possible disputes between the employees and the Client’s company in compliance with the Labor Legislation, Trade Union Law and Social Security (SGK) statutory.

As your advisor, we ensure your legal representation with present or possible unions in order to conduct legal proceedings pursuant to the strike and lock-out Act. In addition, we participate in the collective labor discussions and execution of collective labor contracts.

In addition, we provide legal support for the partners and executive managers of the company and their families in cases of accident, surveillance, labor accidents and other extraordinary cases.

Energy and Resources Sector

K&P Legal specializes in the specific requirements of the global energy and resources sector, specifically within the mining and metals, oil and gas, power and renewable sectors. Our Firm is committed to helping you keep pace with market and regulatory developments including, for example, trends in carbon capture, emissions and energy trading and nuclear power developments, as well as enabling you to enter new markets, protect your interests, manage risk and strengthen your business.

We help our clients, which include commercial lenders, development banks, international financial organizations, project sponsors and suppliers and purchasers and contractors, respond effectively to the changing shape of the energy and resources sector, brought about by market liberalization and its implications - including market consolidation and restructuring.

We can assist you in meeting the ever more complex demands of regulatory frameworks, such as in emissions and energy trading, by providing top tier legal advice and industry knowledge.

Our Firm monitors industry trends to help give you the edge on issues that continue to dominate the energy and infrastructure sector.

Mining & Metals: Our Firm comprises experienced lawyers who advise a broad range of companies in the mining and metal sector including major mining companies, junior mining companies, development banks, international financial institutions, commercial banks and contractors across the full range of issues that apply to the sector.
Oil & Gas: Our Firm’s team is made up of legal experts in the oil and gas industry. Members of our group can advise on the complex legal, commercial and technical issues associated with upstream, midstream and downstream developments.
Power: We provide top-tier legal expertise in the power sector, including in renewable, for global clients - a network that few firms can match. Liberalization of the energy markets has already led to many new regulations and increased market activity. It is therefore vital to keep up-to-date with recent developments.

Industrial and Manufacturing

While the industrial and manufacturing sector is large and diverse, most of its players face similar challenges that require some structural change in response. Our firm mobilizes its best resources and applies our significant sector expertise to help clients anticipate and effectively deal with any operational, project or transaction issues – we pride ourselves on being able to offer a truly global service.

Unless offset by price and surcharge rises, margins have been squeezed by the rising costs of oil, natural gas and steel. At the same time, customers are reluctant to invest in new equipment and the demand for after sales services has grown. To strengthen core product lines or expand their presence geographically, some players are looking to acquire, while others are keen to divest their underperforming businesses. This comes at a time when local and national taxes, often managed across many territories, are more and more complex and under constant review.

Our experience of advising on business-critical projects gives us insights into the issues you will encounter and the ways through them, thus, helping you overcomes these challenges. We have a global understanding of the sector and so are ideally placed to share and apply the market intelligence and legal know-how we’ve gained from working in key markets and multiple jurisdictions. Consequently, our advice is realistic, practical and commercially viable.

Real Estate

Our commitment to our Clients is to offer them the clarity of advice and our experience to get their deals done efficiently and effectively.

K&P Legal provide business, industrial, office, hotel and residential real estate advice and assistance, both in Turkey and abroad related with all areas of property management, planning, promotion, construction and financing enables it to assist clients at every stage of real estate transactions, from the initial acquisition, development, leasing, joint venturing and financing through to the final exit.

Our team is dealing as well with the disputes to which such transactions may give rise.

Intellectual Property

Besides, we provide consultancy for intellectual property including but not restricted to the matters of the protection and registration of brands, patents, and industrial design along with acting as a legal advisory concerned with the relations with brands and insurance companies and pursuing policies and credit agreements.

Environmental Law

Regarding the Environmental Legislation, our experienced Environment specialized Lawyers are committed to assisting you with the challenges posed by ever stricter national and international environmental regulation.

A Continuous Support In the Management of your Company

Our services covers periodical visits, performed both on a regularly basis and upon request. During these visits, daily matters are discussed and needed consultancy services are assessed. Accordingly to the cases, furthers meetings can be arranged.

Informing departments (During either periodical visits or meetings to be held in the law office to give seminars to the manpower of your company, so that they operate in a sound Legal way, giving essential legal information for each department of your company; for instance, an informative seminar can be given to the sales department in every six months outlining the points to which they should pay attention to, preparation of agreements, how guarantees should be taken and types thereof, to give information on how to prepare cheques and bonds, how to prepare a mortgage, types of mortgage and how to follow present mortgages).

Direct notification to the relevant persons of up to date legal matters.

We are continuously available and reachable to the Client’s employees regarding unexpected matters.

Our team is flexible and able to attends various trips and meetings as well in Turkey as abroad.

For all legal matters other than stated above we provide and perform the necessary legal proceedings.

We aim to establish a reliable legal background in your company so as to minimize the number of legal disputes and to protect the benefits of your company to a maximum level.

K&P Legal would be delighted to be of service to your company in any need of legal service.

You will find in K&P Legal a trustable partner of your company, who will accompany you in your way to success.