The services rendered by K&P Legal to its Clients are provided in two main types:  The Litigation Services covering court cases and execution proceedings and the Legal Consultancy Services on advisory basis.  Labour law is also very important as a specific issue for all companies.

Litigation and Execution Services

The Litigation Services include representation of our Clients at all stage of court cases and execution proceedings. As per the Turkish Law, the execution proceedings allow to collect any material claims of any kind, by way of sequestration, seizure and the relevant proceedings arising out of execution proceedings.

The services rendered by K&P Legal to its Clients are provided in two main types ; Litigation Services covering court cases and execution proceedings and the Legal Consultancy Services on advisory basis. 

Consequently, we render services on legal claims of our Clients arising from accounts, invoices, checks, bonds etc. in compliance with the Law of execution and bankruptcy. The Turkish Law can also allow the obtainment of tax advantage at the end of the fiscal year in cases of non-collection of any legal claims by way of execution proceedings.

Therefore, as your legal representative, our Firm will ensure that you will have the benefit of every advantage that the law can grant.

Legal Consultancy Services

Protective Legal Consultancy is the main principle of our Law Firm to be rendered for our Clients ending up with an ongoing and observable increase in efficiency at business level. Every consultation presents unique demands. Indeed, we work as part of your team to anticipate and meet the challenges you may face. We will work closely with you to understand your business, your objectives and your approach to the deal.

Our goal is to find commercially sound solutions to help you and your business partners to achieve your objectives. Our legal consultancy services include legal Audits and Due Diligence facilities allowing our Clients’ to operate in a sound legal way and minimizing any potential legal disputes and any kind of consultancy services on demand basis. With this study, our aim is to help you keep on top of the risks and opportunities arising from changes in the law, we track and anticipate the latest legislative proposals in the jurisdictions that are important to your business.

We aim to establish a reliable legal background in your company to minimize the number of legal disputes and to protect the benefits of our Clients to a maximum level.

We regularly counsel Clients regarding on-going compliance with relevant banking laws and regulations in all the major financial centers, including helping them develop, refine and harmonize their internal policies and procedures, address other compliance and governance issues, and guide them through any turmoil their business encounter.

We provide contributions and arrangements pursuant to the operation style and legal benefits of the company within the scope of Commercial Law, Corporation Law, Debt Collection Procedures, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law.

Furthermore, upon request, we act as an intermediary for the arrangement of general regulations; we perform arbitration and act as an intermediary in possible disputes that may arise among the partners.

K&P Legal regularly advises Clients on both their daily operations and on their most vital strategic projects, covering corporate structures, M&A, establishing new business ventures including JVs or agency networks, commercial contracts, outsourcing, reinsurance structures, reinsurance and insurance disputes, capital raising, regulatory matters, investigations and enforcement procedures, investment portfolios including real estate, commercial lending, derivatives, alternative risk transfer mechanisms, restructuring, portfolio transfers, run-off and insolvency.

Labor Law Services 

K&P Legal also acts as Labour Law advisory for many international clients and the following services, including but not limited to, will be provided by our law firm:

  • Preparing employment and severance Agreements
  • Representation of the company before the Labour Law Courts,
  • Reviewing current employment contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements and non-compete clauses.
  • Terminations of the employment contract according to the special Labour Law rules
  • Representation of the company in any audits and complaints related to Ministry of Labour and Social Security Institute.
  • Having training for HR persons and management team for disciplinary process within company
  • Employee handbooks to disseminate company rules, policies, and regulations.
  • Employment discrimination, including disability discrimination.
  • Trade Union Law and support the company related to this subject.
  • Presentation of seminars to and provide in-house training for our employment clients regarding employment-related issues and the changes in the law which impact them.
  • Supervisory for the regulatory compliance
  • Representing employer in areas of employment law including discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge, contract and defamation litigation, unemployment appeals and the enforcement of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. 
  • Representing employer in the dealings with organized employees and their union representatives.
  • Taking a strategic approach to every engagement, assisting employers in the negotiation and execution of collective bargaining agreements, developing, and implementing union avoidance strategies, preparing strike responses, and arbitrating grievances.
  • Counselling and Risk Management for Labour Law issues
  • Reviewing of employee handbooks
  • Workplace investigations and discrimination claims