Maritime Law

Maritime transportation plays a major role in the international circulation of commercial goods, and offers the advantage of transporting much larger quantities of goods in terms of volume and weight compared to airline, rail and road transport. K&P Legal provides services to ship owners, traders, operators and financing organizations in the fields of maritime trade and maritime law. Our marine law experts provide legal support for legal disputes arising from lost, damaged, delayed or risky cargo, claims for compensation arising from collisions, individual injuries, contractual disputes, marine pollution, ship seizures and marine insurance.

We represent our clients in all kinds of ship transportation, logistics, ship leasing, port and rescue projects, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, ship sales and financing in the sector.

Here are some of the issues that our maritime law team supports are as follows:

•Ship purchases and sales

• Insurance disputes for collision, marine pollution and personal injury

• Ship financing and seizures

• Bankruptcies in the maritime sector

• Seizure of ships

• Maritime trade and logistics contracts

• International trade and transportation

• Ship collisions and other casualties

• Ship charterers and lessors

• Regulations regarding environmental law and relations with government institutions