Commerical Law

With its long years of experience in the field of Commercial Law, K&P Legal represents its clients on national and international platforms, and continues to work diligently to prevent possible problems that they may encounter with a preventive law working discipline and principle.

K&P Legal provides its clients in the field of commercial law from turnkey company establishment, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, agency and brokerage legislation, leasing, distribution and license agreements, local and international trading and other commercial contracts, land, air and sea shipping and logistics contracts, equipment financing and leasing, supply and service contracts, intellectual property, trademark, patent, utility model and unfair competition lawsuits, trademark and patent attorney, bank legislation, consumer legislation, local and international distribution, commercial negotiations and settlement business, attempts to resolve disputes amicably or through litigation, technological infrastructure, informatics and media studies, intellectual property evaluations and planning, all kinds of contracts that you can think of, information technologies and transformations, or all other contracts that will never come to mind because you have not encountered them before, the company is established. In a wide range of diverse and deep ranges, from the articles of association, to the establishment of the Board of Directors resolution, the organization of the ordinary or extraordinary general assemblies of the company, the capital increase and capital reduction, the establishment of the internal directives of the company, the signature circulars for the companies and other transactions to be carried out before the Trade Registry It serves its clients with its legal experience and expertise.

In addition to the aforementioned, the assets of commercial enterprises, headquarters and branches, opening of branches, transfer of headquarters, transfer of commercial enterprises, pledge of commercial enterprises, legislation specific to all kinds of commercial affairs, rights and obligations arising from being a merchant and assistant merchant, commercial enterprise names, trade titles Services on intellectual and industrial rights law, especially trademark law and patent law services, commercial books, current account relations, unfair competition and competition restrictions, which are provided by expert trademark attorneys, to its clients and K&P Legal in all other legal areas arising from the existence of commercial enterprises and their activities. Provides legal consultancy and support services to its clients with a professional perspective.