Acquisitions & Mergers

K&P Legal provides legal consultancy services to companies operating in various sectors in the national and international area in order to expand their commercial activities, increase the rate of profitability, minimize the risk in commercial life and personally undertake the merger and acquisition processes.

Our Law Firm provides services to its clients with domestic and foreign capital in mergers and acquisitions with domestic and foreign capital companies, covering areas such as privatization, competition law, private equity companies, financing and real estate. Our Law Firm provides turnkey services in the process of preparing legal due diligence reports regarding mergers and acquisitions, preparing the decisions of company management and decision-making bodies, drafting, reviewing and negotiating partnership agreements, purchasing shares, obtaining necessary licenses and permissions, closing the process and partnering, venture projects and company division issues. For this purpose, it makes the necessary applications to the Competition Authority, Capital Markets Board, Privatization Administration, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, similar relevant public institutions and organizations and carries out the procedures.

With this direction to the strengthening of realized many important projects with our Turkish Industry, each of which is among the most important source of pride for us to have made countless many international companies to invest in Turkey and make an important contribution on this occasion. (You can apply to our law firm for reference list.)